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Here's a synopsis of "Priest" from "Father Greg is a Catholic priest who works at a parish in Liverpool. Like Father Matthew, Father Greg is not dealing well with his vow of celibacy. Father Greg is a homosexual and he keeps this secret on his own. One night he slips out to a gay bar where he meets Graham. The following day, 14-year-old Lisa Unsworth reveals to him that her father is sexually abusing her. Because of the sanctity of the confessional, Father Greg cannot tell anyone about the abuse. Mrs. Unsworth catches her husband with her daughter and blames Father Greg for not stopping them." It all winds up before the congregation where "angry and homophobic parishioners confront Father Greg." Notice in Hollywood's moral universe, it isn't the priest's homosexual practices and failure to help the sexually-abused child that is wrong. It's the "homophobic" congregation that is stained with "intolerance," the only "sin" Hollywood recognizes.

This is not to excuse or dilute Gibson's offense. It is, rather, to place it in the context of a bigger problem for Hollywood. With a few notable exceptions - gratefully acknowledged - liberal filmmakers believe they can get away with bigotry against religious and political beliefs they oppose. They would never make a film called "Imam" about a hypocritical mullah because that might result in a violent response. But it is always open season on Catholics and conservative Protestants, political conservatives, Republicans and pro-lifers.

With such films, Hollywood shows itself to have a bigotry problem, which, like Mel Gibson, cannot be blamed on booze.

Cal Thomas

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