Cal  Thomas

I watch Muslim leaders interviewed on television and listen to former Guantanamo detainees claim torture and inhumane conditions at the base. There is no rebuttal from any U.S. official and no challenge to their claims by any of the show hosts. Apparently, too many members of the British media have forgotten, or don't know, that al-Qaida training manuals teach deception. They draw on a frequent practice, if not a principle of Islam, which permits a Muslim to lie to an "infidel" for the "greater good" of the religion.

The London Daily Mail began a recent editorial titled "From the High Moral Ground to the Gutter" denouncing the suicides and the response by Admiral Harris: "With utter insensitivity to world opinion..." World opinion is not the standard for fighting wars, especially this war. And the worst American mistake is not even close to the beheadings and other deliberate inhumanities conducted by the islamofascists.

The Mail might wish to recall a profound remark by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who once observed that we in the West make a mistake when we "transpose" our morality onto those who do not share it.

The detainees at Guantanamo are not innocent unfortunates swept up in an indiscriminate dragnet. These people were captured on the field of battle where they intended to kill Americans and Britons. As for the argument that they should face American courts, German prisoners were not tried in American courts during World War II. Third Reich leaders were tried before a military tribunal. A similar venue, not an American criminal court, should be the ultimate destination of these detainees.

One has only to look at the condition of the American court system with still too many liberal judges on the bench to realize that treating the Guantanamo detainees as lawbreakers, rather than enemy combatants, would result in the conviction of too few of them. Their release would put more Americans and Britons in jeopardy. When Palestinian terrorists have been released from Israeli prisons, some have returned to kill more Israeli civilians.

What would the British media say if a released Guantanamo detainee came to London and took out another subway train or bus, killing British citizens?

Our enemy knows our ways and intends to use them against us. The British media had better untwist its knickers and get its collective head on straight.

Cal Thomas

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