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One of many excellent books on the subject is "Terror, Incorporated: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks" by economist Loretta Napoleoni. Napoleoni follows the money earned from the sale of oil and shows how it ends up funding terrorism and terrorist centers. Recipients of some of the money include mosques and Islamic schools in America, at least some of which are now, or can be expected to teach, incite, train and equip jihadists to again do unto us what they did on 9/11, and what they carry out regularly in Israel and Iraq.

Napoleoni writes of "The role of Islamic banks" in channeling oil profits and how these banks are "not limited to countries where banking systems did not, or no longer, exist. Their links with armed groups and state-shells also provided a direct and secure channel into traditional economies." She quotes a "retired Russian banker" who told her, "(Islamic banks) are tapped into sophisticated money systems, from which money can be directed to finance terror activity worldwide or to profit in the capitalist world. Correspondent banks, for example, can help hide funds. Banks use them in countries that have no branches."

Americans have always responded to major threats and challenges. Properly framed, they could be made to understand this threat as the greatest challenge the nation has ever faced. To become energy independent and no longer rely on foreign oil would be like depriving Dracula of his blood supply: he would shrivel up and die.

If we are unwilling to "pay any price (and) bear any burden," to again invoke JFK, we will sell our enemies the rope they will use to hang us (to invoke Lenin). Oil independence might also have the virtue of being easier and less costly than going to the moon.

We'll need a slogan. Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon were "That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind." How about this one for Energy Independence Day: "Let 'em Eat Sand."

Cal Thomas

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