Cal  Thomas

Blair then got to the heart of the matter for those who think freedom is only for us: ".whatever the conclusion to this debate, if there ever is one, the fact is that now, whatever the rights and wrongs of how and why Saddam and the Taliban were removed, there is an obvious, clear and overwhelming reason for supporting the people of those countries in their desire for democracy."

What about those people who risked their lives to vote in three elections? What about those British and American soldiers who gave their limbs and lives for the freedom of others? Are such lives worth so little that we believe we can quit before the task is done? Do we think that by leaving now before the Iraqis are fully capable of repelling the terrorist insurgents we will have done ourselves - or Iraq - a favor? Are we so self-deceived that we think they won't come after us should we stop going after them?

In the recently translated tapes of Saddam Hussein and in Islamic sermons throughout the Middle East, it is clear the terrorists intend to take their war inside Britain and the United States, as they did on 9/11 and in the train bombings in London and Madrid. There can be no conscientious objecting to this war if we want to remain free. The enemies of freedom believe we lack the stomach for this fight.

In his call to defeat terrorism, Blair criticized those who believe that pandering to terrorists will convert them. It won't, he said. Rather, instead of "choking" terrorism, Blair said pandering "feeds its growth."

Tony Blair gets it. President Bush gets it. Why don't more British and Americans get it? We'd better get it soon, because terrorists get it and they intend to get more of us.

Cal Thomas

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