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That plan involves increasingly sophisticated sonograms. These Hubble Telescopes of the womb show clear color pictures of developing babies and confront a pregnant woman with what it is she is thinking of killing. The New York Times carried a story last year about the growing popularity of sonograms in the pro-life movement. It quoted Carol Everett, a former abortion provider who is now associated with the Heidi Group, a Christian evangelical nonprofit organization that advises pregnancy help centers. Everett says that when a woman seeking an abortion is shown a picture of her own baby, in 90 percent of the cases she changes her mind and decides to carry it to term.

Since the objective of pro-lifers is to substantially reduce the number of abortions in America, a more rapid attainment of that goal may come by lobbying legislatures to pass laws to more fully inform pregnant women about the contents of their wombs. We do that with bottles, packages and cans at the supermarket, with stickers on automobiles and "truth in lending" paperwork at the bank. Isn't the future of a woman and her unborn child more important than these inanimate items?

This is a winning issue for pro-lifers. Should the pro-choice side oppose it, pro-lifers could label them censors. The "choice" would remain, for now, but it would be fully informed. Since Roe, I have spoken to hundreds of women who have had abortions. They said they would have made a different choice had they known what they now know.

The sonogram strategy will produce more immediate results than swinging for the fences. It also has the strategic advantage of capturing the moral high ground.

Cal Thomas

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