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Graham notes Vargas anchored a one-hour "documentary" publicizing "the whacko claims of 'The Da Vinci Code,'" which, he says, "underscores the liberal cultural mindset at ABC."

Woodruff, he notes, broadcast last June from North Korea. He chose to emphasize how much the North Koreans hate Americans. This is news? Woodruff later admitted he did not have a translator and depended on the communist government's handler for his information.

Anyone interested in some of Vargas' ideological record as a doctrinaire liberal can visit There one finds examples of a liberal take on taxes, spending, Judge Samuel Alito, federal regulation and more. The way stories are chosen is also important when considering bias. In addition to stories that delight sponsors, (such as women's health issues that are frequently followed by a commercial promoting drugs the manufacturer claims will improve women's health), controversial political and cultural stories are framed in ways that also reveal a liberal slant.

When this evidence is pointed out to the anchors and network news executives, everyone denies any bias. They actually believe they are fair and accurate because they all subscribe to the same philosophy and they work and socialize with people who hold identical views. That is an undeniable fact.

It has been this way since the agenda-setters took over the newsrooms, and you can expect more of the same. And expect more "preaching" by overpaid anchors about problems they will never face because their salaries dwarf those of average Americans whose interests they champion. They do not understand why this one-dimensional and predictable approach contributes to their falling ratings and declining market share.

The country needs a robust debate and access to information from many points of view. ABC, CBS and NBC do not practice ideological diversity, which is why increasing numbers of conservatives have abandoned broadcast network news in favor of cable. Those who continue to view broadcast news deserve better, but these new anchors guarantee they'll get more of the same.

Cal Thomas

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