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At the federal level, Rove cited a few recent rulings - The Ninth Circuit Court's declaration that "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional and the dismissal by a federal judge of a 10-count indictment against hard-core pornographers on grounds that the federal obscenity law violated the pornographer's right to privacy, "despite the fact that popularly-elected representatives in Congress had passed the obscenity laws and that the pornographers distributed materials with simulations where women were raped and killed."

What these two speeches have in common is their aggressive tone. Before demagoguery became the primary product of contemporary politics, we once saw more politicians battling it out with the opposition instead of the namby-pamby, feel-good, kumbayah, can't-we-all-get-along approach that is as palatable as cold oatmeal. Why haven't we heard more of this rhetoric from the administration instead of the unattainable objective of "changing the tone in Washington"?

The Bush and Rove speeches should signal a new battle strategy for the administration. Here's something else that would help: expose more Americans to the gratitude of the Iraqi people. Visit The Web page features Kurds thanking America. Why have their voices not been heard on American news broadcasts and in major newspapers?

Some of these grateful people should be brought to the United States for a "Thank You America" event. Let the Democrats tell the liberated Iraqis they should not have been freed from the clutches of Saddam Hussein.

It's time to play hardball with the left and this would be a good first pitch. Offense wins football games and wars. It also shapes public opinion. Stack this political offense with more of the type of rhetoric used last week by President Bush and Karl Rove.

Cal Thomas

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