Cal  Thomas

Nothing would fire up the country more (short of winning the war in Iraq and finding Osama bin Laden) than a crusade to liberate us from the grip of those oil-producing nations that hate us and use our money to spread terrorism. Surely we have the technology to find alternative energy sources. The president should provide the leadership. It isn't only about conservation; it's about a new path toward energy independence. If President Kennedy could put astronauts on the moon in less than a decade, President Bush could at least begin the process of freeing us from a dependency on Saudi Arabian and other foreign oil. His brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, has reversed himself and now favors offshore drilling near the Florida coastline. That may help ease our dependence on foreign oil in the short term, but as Kennedy said, "we can do better."

Then, President Bush should highlight the waste, fraud and abuse that a Republican Congress is helping to promote. Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) has discovered $10 million went to the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board. That board gave $500,000 of the money to Alaska Airlines to paint a large king salmon on one of its passenger planes. There are thousands of examples of government waste and unnecessary spending. This includes so-called "entitlement" spending, which is out of control. The president should rally the public to put an end to it. He has yet to veto a single spending bill.

That's for starters, but the president had better try to shake things up and quickly, or he risks a troubled, if not failed, second term.

Cal Thomas

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