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In the film "The Blues Brothers," Elwood and Jake claim they are on a "mission from God." In a film Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle allowed to be made of his movements and thoughts leading up to the grand jury indictment of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Earle invokes the Bible and its teaching that the love of money is "the root of all evil." Earle says money in politics is "the devil's brew" and he claims his mission is to "turn off the tap."

Earle's sermonizing in the still-unfinished movie was obtained by National Review Online.

DeLay, who says he will be vindicated in court, is being targeted for doing his political job exceedingly well. That job, in part, has been to get more Republicans elected to office and to keep them there. When Democrats did it effectively for four decades, it was considered good politics. When DeLay and the Republicans do it, they are Satan's servants. Earle apparently believes he has been "called" to stop them before they sin again.

After several tries, Earle finally succeeded in persuading a Texas grand jury to indict DeLay on charges he conspired with two GOP operatives to funnel corporate contributions to Republican candidates for the Texas legislature, which state law prohibits. When the indictment was challenged by DeLay's attorney on grounds that the conspiracy law which DeLay is alleged to have violated was enacted one year after the acts in question, Earle went to a different grand jury. It gave him the new indictments, charging DeLay with money laundering and conspiring to launder money. DeLay called Earle's action "prosecutorial abuse."

Democrat leaders jumped on DeLay in ways meant to advertise their own "virtue." House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said DeLay represents a "culture of corruption" and hopes a "level of shame would set in on the Republicans."

I'm glad Pelosi has reintroduced the words "corruption" and "shame" to the political vocabulary, for who would know more about those subjects than the Democrats, who shamelessly defended the corruption of the last Democrat president, William Jefferson Clinton.

For those with short memories, the liberal Web page "The Progressive Review" has chronicled them (

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