Cal  Thomas

After receiving $50 million in aid from the United States, Palestinian Authority religious officials continue to openly promote vicious anti-American hatred. According to a Sept. 6 Palestinian Media Watch bulletin, one religious leader, in the presence of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, called for Iraqis to intensify terrorist uprisings against American soldiers.

In a June 24 letter to Philip J. Perry, general counsel for the Department of Homeland Security, Barry Sabin, chief of the counterterrorism section for the Department of Justice, described The Muslim Brotherhood organization (which claims chapters in 70 nations, including America) as "committed to the globalization of Islam through social engineering and violent jihad." How does Karen Hughes, or anyone else, reprogram such people?

Hughes recently spoke at a gathering of American Muslims in Rosemont, Ill. She told a news conference, "We need to foster a sense of common interest and common values among Americans and peoples of different faiths and different cultures." That sounds good to Western ears, but where are such values shared in the Muslim world? What if the strategy of our enemies is to take advantage of the kindness, understanding and pluralistic intentions of the United States in order to further infiltrate and undermine this country?

This is the plot line of the chilling 1995 novel by Peter De Rosa called "Pope Patrick." A fictional "Federation of Islamic Republics" weakens the resolve of the United States government by using America's good motives against the president with disastrous results.

Before President Bush and Karen Hughes proceed with their attempts to win the hearts and minds of Muslims, they should read this novel, which sounds more like current events than fiction.

Cal Thomas

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