Cal  Thomas

After a recent visit to Syria, Galloway apparently sought to justify lethal attacks on British troops in Iraq on grounds that the terrorists "are defending all the people of the world from American hegemony." He labeled as "collaborators" Iraqis who had joined the security forces to try to defend their country from terrorists.

What does that make Galloway if not a terrorist collaborator? Galloway's remarks were carried on al-Jazeera and throughout the Arab world. If ever there were a prime example of someone who gives aid and comfort to the enemy, surely Galloway is it.

Blair wants to deport radical foreigners to countries with which Britain can negotiate agreements to ensure they won't be tortured or executed. He says he has already reached such an agreement with Jordan and is working on producing others with Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. But why should any of those countries welcome Islamic radicals and terrorists when they have problems with fundamentalists in their own countries?

The United States should also do a better job of deporting Muslim extremists and keeping new ones out. The Washington Post recently reported on the proliferation of mosques in the outer suburbs of Washington, D.C. If they are like many other mosques cropping up around the country, Saudi Arabia is likely footing much of the bill to promote Wahabbism, the most virulent and poisonous form of Islam.

Prime Minister Blair should be welcomed to reality, but his efforts, while necessary, are probably too little, too late.

Cal Thomas

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