Cal  Thomas

All of the talk from liberals, like Senators Charles Schumer and Ted Kennedy, about prenomination meetings between the White House and senators is not heard when a Democrat is president and Democrats control Congress. The president and his party should ignore such blather, along with allegations they are "abusing power." That's the way losers talk.

A Democrat president regularly gives us liberal judges who believe in Darwinian jurisprudence: the evolution of law. The last Democrat to nominate someone to the court who moved rightward was John F. Kennedy. His nominee, Byron White, wrote a powerful dissent in Roe vs. Wade, an extra-constitutional ruling that catered to the dominant me-first philosophy - abortion on demand - instead of fidelity to what the Founders intended to be a stable document, useful for each generation of Americans.

The president owes the country an ideological battle, which he can win if he is willing to fight it. By virtue of his office, he commands attention unavailable to anyone else. He should not only campaign for his nominee(s), he should act like a teacher, quoting the Federalist Papers and the Constitution and making his case that this great document served America well until some judges began tampering with it.

This is a battle worth fighting and worth winning. To restore the value and integrity of the Constitution would not only achieve a political and ideological victory, it would also serve future generations of Americans.

President Bush's opponents would be fighting the words of the Constitution and the intent of the Founders and that is pretty good company for the president to keep.

Leonard Bernstein might not have agreed with the president's politics, but he would have understood the teaching part.

Cal Thomas

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