Cal  Thomas

There are few, if any, statements I could find from any leftist organization endorsing military action as a response to the 9/11 attacks. Virtually all of them urged the type of approach to the killers that Karl Rove ridiculed in his speech.

There is a big difference between Durbin's remarks, which called into question the tactics and honor of American military interrogators at Guantanamo (for which Durbin has apologized, sort of) and Rove's remarks about a general philosophical difference between liberals and conservatives over the response to 9/11.

Sen. Durbin is an elected official who should know that such comments are not only wrong, but that they help the enemy. Remarks like those from Durbin and other vocal war opponents are played throughout the Middle East and encourage those killing and trying to kill American forces to continue the job.

This is the valid comparison between Vietnam and Iraq. Political and media opposition wears down public support and gives psychological aid and comfort to the enemy, who thinks he just has to hang on a short while longer and America will leave with its tail between its legs.

This gotcha sound bite game must stop. Now some liberal Democrats are calling for Rove to resign. How about everybody resigning? We can start over and rebuild the government the way the Founders intended. If that's not going to happen, can we please layoff this childish rhetorical back-and-forth and get back to killing insurgents and capturing terrorists?

This isn't and should not be about politics. This is about victory over the enemy, which will take a lot of energy and commitment. Right now, energy and commitment are being wasted on petty political yapping that helps no one, except our enemies.

Cal Thomas

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