Cal  Thomas

Is this not a description of Neverland Ranch with its private zoo and toys - stuffed and living? "Through his victim," writes Vaknin, "the pedophile gains access to his suppressed and thwarted emotions. It is a fantasy-like second chance to reenact his childhood."

The pedophile, says Vaknin, shares a psychosis with his victim. He is "the guru at the center of a cult." He regards sex with children as an "ego-booster," which guarantees companionship.

Most sexual offenders do not stop until someone stops them. There is no reason to believe that Michael Jackson, should he in fact be a sex offender, will be an exception.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys are sexually assaulted before becoming adults. Only 35 percent of those child sexual assaults are reported to authorities, so there is more of this occurring than has met the media eye.

Social sanctions and cultural norms once argued against sexual license, especially with children. But what happens to a society in which sanctioning anything becomes a supposed greater "evil" than what was once almost universally recognized as evil, itself?

Our tolerance for everything has produced an unwillingness to restrict anything. A jury (how could it be of his "peers," for who could be said to be a peer of Michael Jackson?) found Jackson innocent of the charges against him.

But our culture is not innocent. We produced Michael Jackson, and, like the fictional "Frankenstein" monster, he walks among us as a living judgment to our promiscuous permissiveness.

Cal Thomas

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