Cal  Thomas

What about those "troublesome" Jews? The sheik said, "The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew." In case people think this is merely the ranting of a single cleric, they should visit the Palestinian Media Watch Web site where there is a full report outlining the PA's systematic justification for genocide (

This isn't only a sermon; it is the official policy of the Palestinian government which the Bush Administration believes is capable of making peace and living side-by-side with Israel. If it weren't official policy, one would expect Abbas to denounce and silence it.

If words have meaning, the definition of "incite" should inform administration policy: "stresses a stirring up and urging on; move to action." (Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

Sermons from Palestinian mosques, along with words and images in Palestinian media, are not the American equivalent of an editorial or opinion column, or a sermon or homily from an American church or synagogue. They are designed to stir up and move to violent action. A preponderance of sermons I have read call for the eradication of Jews, Christians and anyone else who doesn't believe as they do.

In his meeting with Abbas, will President Bush raise the issue of incitement in Palestinian media and sermons? Will he demand that Abbas order a cessation of this inflammatory rhetoric intended to incite murder and war and not peace? Will he ask Abbas if he believes these things? If he won't, then what is the purpose of the meeting?

Cal Thomas

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