Cal  Thomas

Could Democrats better reflect a "higher calling" and deeper purpose in their politics? Yes. Are Republicans more favored of God because many happen to reflect positions that seem more biblically defensible than Democrats on such matters as abortion and same-sex marriage? No, especially when some of their own marriages are breaking up, or when they succumb to other temptations, such as power, greed and lust.

As the prophet Isaiah quoted God, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" (Isaiah 55:8). It is worth noting that this verse is preceded by an admonition: "Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts." I don't hear any Democrat or Republican using the language of personal repentance.

In our 1999 book, "Blinded by Might," Dr. Ed Dobson and I write of previous sloppy attempts by Republicans and Democrats to use religious language to persuade voters that Bible-quoting politicians were somehow more in tune with God's wishes than the other party.

We wrote then and would affirm now:

Both parties now shamelessly invoke God to bless public policies with which they agree - and frequently invoke him wrongly - but ignore his instructions when he speaks clearly about matters with which they don't agree. In other words, they use only enough of the Bible or their Christian convictions (to) accomplish their political objectives. . Politicians want God on their side whenever possible because they see him giving legitimacy to their ideas and a personal feeling of moral satisfaction.

If Democrats use religion merely to gain votes, it won't work and will further compromise what remains of the religious left's integrity. They have only to look to how Republicans have, in too many cases, compromised Christian conservatives in their pursuit of earthly power to obtain a seat at the political table to see what lies down this dead-end road.

Cal Thomas

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Cal Thomas is co-author (with Bob Beckel) of the book, "Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That is Destroying America".
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