Cal  Thomas

Further problems in our defense against terrorism, as recorded in Dr. Kushner's book, include federal judges who continue to put on probation illegal aliens identified as members of terrorist organizations. Some of them, he writes, have even been granted work permits and citizenship.

Liberal judges, he writes, are not deporting criminals with known or suspected ties to the secret Islamic terrorist network (one convicted heroin smuggler got community service at Queens Botanical Garden in New York). "High-level sources within the Department of Homeland Security" tell Kushner the Cabinet agency won't even be "somewhat functional" until 2006.

Kushner weaves together so many threads in the Islamic terror network that if there is another attack his book will serve as an indictment for our failure (again) to pay attention to numerous warning signs, including the recruitment of minority and disillusioned males in our prisons; Islamic religious schools (as of 1997, he writes, there were more than 100 day schools and more than 1,000 Sunday or weekend schools in the United States, many of them affiliated with mosques, "expanding the reach of Wahhabi doctrine"); mosques planted largely with Saudi money in our cities, which serve as "regular stops on fund-raising trips for terrorist leaders and their sympathizers" (Kushner says the number of mosques have grown from about 50 after World War II "to more than twelve hundred today"); and government agencies, which, having been neutered by "sensitivity trainers," let their guard down because they don't want to be accused of racism or bigotry.

Read this book and/or watch "24" on Fox for a chilling reality check. Government must get tougher, or it will be complicit in the deaths of more than the 3,000 people who died on September 11, 2001.

Cal Thomas

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