Cal  Thomas

Kathie Lee was also trashed for publicly speaking about her children (some critics said she did it too much). If she had not talked about them, those same critics would have called her a lousy mother. She could not win with some critics, but with audiences she could.

Here is someone who is trying to sow good seed among weeds. She has created something charming with this musical. Audiences who care about the general moral and cultural decline cannot complain about the bad if they won't support and patronize the good.

Kathie Lee, whose next project is a musical based on the life of 20th century radio evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, has found a new career. She ought to be an example to many, not only in her professional life, but in the character she has displayed by refusing to lie down and professionally die after ending her successful career in television.

You go, Kathie Lee!

Cal Thomas

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