Cal  Thomas

If the public perceives that the Democratic Party favors abortion on demand, it is because of senators (and many other Democrats in Congress) like Dianne Feinstein who have not done anything to curtail abortion.

There is only one reason to restrict abortion and that is because what is being killed is a human being. Any other "reason" seeks to invoke a moral standard one has just denied.

There is a way Democrats can do something about their image and still remain "pro-choice." They can back laws requiring women to receive full disclosure before receiving an abortion. We do this with automobiles, food and bank loans. Consumers increasingly benefit from laws designed to give them information so their choices will be educated. Why do so many pregnant women lack information about the procedure and alternatives?

Over the last 30 years, I have spoken to hundreds of post-abortive women. They say they would not have had abortions if they had known more about the procedure, such as sonograms and information about adoption and pregnancy help centers that care for the woman and baby before and after birth.

What would be wrong with laws that empower women through additional information, even while abortion remains legal?

If Democrats won't back empowerment by informing women seeking an abortion - at least as much basic information as they receive at the Department of Motor Vehicles before the state issues a license to drive - one can only conclude that the party's reported interest in changing its image is based not on convictions, but on political pragmatism. If that is their game, they will deservedly continue to lose elections.

Cal Thomas

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