Cal  Thomas

The Schwarzenegger "strategy"- if one can call political suicide a strategy - would gain favor with editorial page editors in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, but it would return the Republican Party to minority status virtually overnight. Conservatives would either stay home or vote for a third-party candidate, not so much in protest as to demonstrate that for them convictions mean more than party loyalty.

This is an ideal plan, but only for Democrats. It's a lousy plan for Republicans, at least those who think winning elections is the preferred way to advance policies.

The Schwarzenegger suggestion is for "girly men," not for political leaders who want to "terminate" their opponents. You won't find Democrats moving right in order to attract more conservative, or at least less liberal, voters. For Republicans to flirt with, or embrace, the dwindling Rockefeller wing of their party would be a disaster that would set back the party to pre-Goldwater days.

Democrats would love this plan. No Republican worth the name should pay any attention to it. Has Schwarzenegger checked the election map lately? Doesn't he see all of those red states and counties and how many there are, as opposed to the few blue states and counties?

The country is headed toward the right, which is where the Republican Party is now positioned. Why does the governor of California want to move in the opposite direction?

Cal Thomas

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