Cal  Thomas

Even Thanksgiving is being transformed from an event in which Pilgrims thanked God for His blessings into a meal of Super Bowl proportions and football. Children's textbooks teach the fiction that the Pilgrims thanked the Indians, not God, for their bounty.

Easter long ago ceased being about resurrection, but bunnies, eggs and chocolate. Santa has become a God-substitute, who gives but requires nothing more than a child being "nice," and even that is negotiable.

Christmas observers should end this charade. People who take the central meaning of Christmas seriously should not lend their credibility to those who obscure and subordinate that meaning to drunken office parties and shopping mall visits where they buy gifts for everyone except the One whose birthday is supposedly being observed.

The Christmas celebrant has become too fixated on the secular culture and desires to go along in order to get along. What would happen if increasing numbers of Christmas believers declined to participate in the orgy of consumption and instead asked the baby who became a man - and much more - what He would like for His birthday?

He gave us plenty of instructions, beginning with "feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit those in prison" and "care for widows and orphans," not to mention "love your enemies" and "pray for those who persecute you." That last one is especially tough, so we file lawsuits and complain that we get no respect.

The secularists can still have their days off and they can call those days, including Dec. 25, anything they wish. Let them display on public or private property whatever they like, or nothing.

Let those of us for whom Christmas has a historic and eternal meaning celebrate it in our hearts, our lives and our relationships as never before. You never know when an Ebenezer Scrooge might take notice and be converted.

Cal Thomas

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