Cal  Thomas

President Bush made significant and historical gains with minority voters and women. Exit polls revealed the president won 44 percent of Hispanics (up from 35 percent in 2000), 11 percent of African-Americans (up from 9 percent in 2000), 25 percent of Jewish voters (up from 19 percent in 2000), and 48 percent of women (up from 43 percent in 2000).

The president says he believes he has a mandate to proceed with the agenda he outlined during the campaign - winning the war on terror, stabilizing Iraq, reforming Social Security, making his tax cuts permanent and putting judges on the bench who believe in the Constitution and not what they think the Constitution says.

The left has lost. The '60's are over. A majority of the public is tired of being forced to accept every ideology, sexual depravity and secular idea the left wishes to shove down their throats. The election showed they have pushed back.

It's difficult to select a favorite line from all of the insulting and insane comments made by liberal commentators, but Garry Wills had one of the best. Writing in The New York Times, Wills said: "Can a people that believes more fervently in the Virgin Birth than in evolution still be called an Enlightened nation?"

Maybe so, if you consider what a higher and really intelligent authority says: "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.'" (Psalm 14:1).

Cal Thomas

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