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The Big Media - by which I mean the three broadcast networks and the most "influential newspapers" (i.e. The New York Times and The Washington Post) - have been "voting" for the next president for much of the last two years. In their news pages and on their news broadcasts, the Big Media have backed any Democrat over George W. Bush, and now the long-awaited mystery of which candidate they would officially endorse is over.

May I have the envelope, please?

The winner of the editorial endorsement of both The New York Times and The Washington Post is: John Kerry! What, you're not surprised?

Reading like a script from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," The New York Times claimed in its Oct. 17 endorsement of Kerry that the Massachusetts senator is "a man with a strong moral core."

For a newspaper that recognizes no morality expect that which it writes for itself, the Times might have disclosed its "moral code" and the basis on which it can be deciphered. It certainly isn't rooted in anything related to what has traditionally been known as morality, for the Times consistently backs ideas, behavior and opinions that would have scandalized the once immutable moral code that comes from an Authority higher than its editorial boardroom.

Regardless of who wins next Tuesday's election (and no matter how long it takes to get the results following expected lawsuits and ballots cast by ineligible voters), this may well be the last election cycle in which the Big Media are taken seriously or regarded as influential.

The Big Media (let's abbreviate and call them BM) have gone over the top with this election. They have ripped off their final layer of faux objectivity, revealing their ideological nakedness for all to see in a desperate effort to get John Kerry elected.

No good news from the Bush administration is treated kindly by the BM. Is employment up? They're not the "right kind" of jobs. Is most of Iraq being pacified, and do many Iraqis speak well of the United States for ridding them of Saddam Hussein? It doesn't matter, because pockets of Iraq are unstable and Iraqis can be found who don't like the "occupation." Any moral convictions held by anyone in this administration are dismissed as right-wing fundamentalism by the BM as if the only convictions that matter are their own.

Cal Thomas

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