Cal  Thomas

The arbitrariness of all of this makes me think the "security" system isn't very secure and that it is all a sham created by politicians to fool the public into believing they are protecting us. Meanwhile, millions cross our borders illegally, including untold numbers from countries that hate us.

Why isn't the Bush administration doing something about illegal immigration instead of pretending these people are coming here solely to do manual labor we native Americans don't want to do? Wouldn't we be safer if we prevented those who wish us harm from getting into the country?

Thanks to Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta's misguided policy of refusing to profile travelers, we get equal opportunity inconvenience and stupidity. Imagine if cops were prohibited from describing gender, race or other physical characteristics when broadcasting an all-points bulletin for a suspect.

My profile is radically different from all those who killed nearly 3,000 of my countrymen on September 11, 2001. My "holy book" of choice is the Bible. My race is Caucasian. I am a loyal, taxpaying, patriotic, evil-hating, English-as-first-language, natural-born American. If profiling were allowed, I wouldn't be the one filling out government forms to prove I'm not a terrorist. The other guys would.

This is an outrage! The form will soon be in the mail. They'll probably send me a note assuring me of a prompt reply, before misplacing the application. Senator Kennedy, can you help?

Cal Thomas

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