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Kerry himself was once proud to wear the liberal label. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted him in its July 21, 1991, edition as saying, "I'm a liberal and proud of it." During the debate, Kerry accused the president of "just trying to scare everybody here with throwing labels around. . . . I mean, seriously, labels don't mean anything."

Yes, they do, when they reflect how you vote and what you believe.

Contrary to all evidence, Kerry believes that "allies," such as the French and Germans, are waiting for him to become president and will then fall into his arms and cooperate fully on stabilizing Iraq. He says he has a plan to make this happen. French and German officials have said they won't join the effort no matter who is president.

Kerry also displays misplaced faith in the United Nations, which he thinks can be effective in controlling rogue nations that violate its sanctions and pay off our allies to do their bidding. Never mind that the United Nations issued numerous resolutions that were ignored and is busy investigating itself over its own suspect role in skimming oil-for-food money in Iraq.

Kerry's one good point in the second debate was noting the president's failure to exercise his veto over a single spending bill, including those loaded with pork barrel projects, the last truly bipartisan enterprise in Washington. The president cited the cost of war and homeland security as reasons for the growing deficit and debt. It is why he should lead in reducing non-defense spending, along with the size and cost of unnecessary government.

The president made a substantial comeback in the St. Louis debate from the first one a week earlier. The last debate will give him a final chance to persuade the dwindling number of undecided voters and motivate his base to turn out on Election Day. Maybe they should listen on the radio or read a transcript and stay away from TV for a better and more accurate perspective.

Cal Thomas

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