Cal  Thomas

So, again I ask him why is he going to Iraq, leaving family who love him, college for now and the track that most young men (and women) take at this stage of their lives? Why is he abandoning a safe house and a protected future for a lion's den, defying death as did his biblical namesake, when Iraq - then Babylon - was ruled by an earlier tyrant, King Nebuchadnezzar, whom Saddam Hussein embraced as his role model?

Daniel's answer should make not only his parents, brother and sister proud, but all Americans grateful: "I am an American soldier and soldiers fight wars."

There are many "Daniels" fighting to protect liberty for Americans and extend its blessings to others who have never known it. Daniel and his fellow soldiers deserve our prayers and support. How is it that we seem to have lost so much of what this young man embodies?

The other six Army Values also describe Daniel: "Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage."

Perhaps, with values like these, after he comes home he might eventually become the governor of Michigan. Or a professor specializing in Titanic history.

Cal Thomas

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