Cal  Thomas

The children are not the main concern of activists. For them, politics and power are primary. The politicians take money and votes from teachers unions and their members. In exchange, politicians vote to maintain a monopoly they would not tolerate in almost any other area of state or national life. They support more money for public schools, when record amounts are now being spent with unsatisfactory results. If money and achievement are linked, kids ought to be smarter because we are spending more than ever on education. Why did students learn more in previous generations with virtually no bureaucracy and one-room schoolhouses? Most of the money today goes to prop-up a top-heavy bureaucracy and rarely trickles down to benefit the kids.

The liberal politicians and education establishment know that to allow freedom of choice would reveal the bankruptcy of their position (which has already been exposed in poor performance, especially among poor and minority students). Choice would elevate most "boats" but sink theirs. It is outrageous that children are sacrificed on the altar of political expediency and that politicians and education elites would waste the life of a child for their own political ends.

If the Florida Supreme Court upholds the lower court ruling, Gov. Bush should actively campaign for a constitutional amendment which allows vouchers. He could be accompanied by poor children in public appearances and in TV ads to drive home the point that children are more important than politicians, judges and education elitists. It is an issue Jeb Bush might use not only to benefit his state's children, but himself should he desire to follow his brother to the White House. "Let my people go" worked for Moses.

Cal Thomas

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