Cal  Thomas

If he pulls American forces out prematurely and Iraq implodes in chaos, and if terrorists learn that the United States cannot be counted on to keep its promises and will run at the sight of its own blood (the message Osama bin Laden is said to have taken from the film "Black Hawk Down"), then John Kerry will be responsible for having plunged the country into another world war without a plan and with no vision.

A Newsweek poll finds that Kerry now gets higher ratings than President Bush as someone who can be trusted "to make the right decisions during an international crisis." How can this be when he seems incapable of making such decisions during the campaign? The poll must reflect media cheerleading for Kerry. Newsweek's Evan Thomas recently asserted that media support for Kerry (which he said is strong) will add 15 percent to Kerry's base of support.

Voters are being asked to buy a pig in a poke. To earn trust, one must give evidence of being trustworthy. John Kerry's positions, which have shifted with the political winds, do not bring confidence that he can be trusted with the decisions a president must make and from which a president cannot retreat without serious damage to his credibility and loss of lives.

Cal Thomas

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