Cal  Thomas

Jobs and a sense of hope for the future are most needed in Iraq, and these won't come in sufficient numbers to provide that most basic of all human emotions -- hope -- until security is established. There is no option but victory over the terrorists and the dictators, just as the Founders settled for nothing less than independence 228 years ago.

Iraq's new foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, said in Istanbul, where he attended the NATO summit, "I believe that we will challenge these terrorists, criminals, Saddamists and anti-democratic forces" by the two-day advancement of the handover date. He had better do more than challenge them. He had better defeat them.

This isn't about religion, which has been used in Iraq for political ends. It is about defeating a virulently hateful movement that seeks to export domestic chaos to the world. If self-determination is not embraced in Iraq, there will be hell to pay in other nations, including our own.

Cal Thomas

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