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These quotes are not about President Bush and Iraq. They are from the 1980s and were directed at Ronald Reagan and his policies to win the Cold War and liberate Nicaragua from its communist dictatorship. But the same things are being said by today's leftists about President Bush and his efforts to liberate Iraq and expand democracy beyond Israel to the rest of the Middle East.

Doesn't the Irish left care about human bondage? When the list of the groups co-sponsoring the demonstrations is considered, none is noted for promoting freedom. They include The Socialist Party, The Socialist Workers Party, The Green Party, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Committee (that means the terrorist Palestinian leadership, not the Jews in Israel who are their murderous targets), the CPSU (which used to stand for the Communist Party Soviet Union but is not spelled out on the Web page of the Irish Anti War Movement) and other rabble.

President Bush and the United States are easy targets, especially for those who have yet to pay the price or bear the burden of freeing others from their political shackles. Does the Irish left mean the world would be a better place with Saddam Hussein still in power? If not, how did they plan to get rid of him? By dropping more ineffective U.N. resolutions on one of his palaces?

This week's anti-Bush demonstration may be the left's last gasp. They worry that American resolve and action will undermine their influence. It has apparently escaped them that it already has. They failed spectacularly in the 1980s when they protested the introduction of U.S. missiles in Europe to counter a Soviet buildup. That "nuclear cowboy" Ronald Reagan thought it better to win. He did and they lost. They remain losers today.


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Cal Thomas

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