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DUBLIN - When President Bush visits Ireland June 25-26, he will be confronted by a gaggle of leftist loonies coalescing under the banner, "When Bush Comes to Shove." They're against the war in Iraq, you see.

They held no demonstrations to protest the torture and murder conducted by Saddam Hussein over three decades; neither have they managed to get upset about human rights violations in China, the atrocities committed by various African dictators, or a host of other "evildoers," as Mr. Bush likes to call them.

In fact, memory fails to recall any protests against military actions taken by the Irish left against President Clinton in Bosnia, or his ineffective missile strikes on Iraq. The Irish left, and their brethren on the continent, reserve their disdain for President Bush.

A poster designed for the occasion depicts President Bush with blood dripping from one hand. In the other hand he's carrying an "American flag," which has a dollar sign where the stars are supposed to be. He is bent over with a leer on his face.

The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, the equivalent of America's Federal Communications Commission, has prohibited the Irish Anti-War Movement from advertising on radio and TV. That's too bad. Everyone in a free society should not only have the right to free and paid speech, but also the right to make fools of themselves to as wide an audience as possible.

Consider these quotes from some prominent leftists (authorship and context will be held until the end for maximum dramatic effect): "European discomfort with the President, however, goes beyond the political differences that preceded and will outlast his presidency. It has, as well, a personal basis. He appears to Europeans to be ill equipped for the responsibility he bears, a kind of cowboy figure, bellicose, ignorant, with a simplistic view of the world." (1)

Or, "(The President) came to Europe to persuade people that he is not the shallow, nuclear cowboy of certain unkind assessments. Said a White House spokesman.on the eve of his departure, 'Some in Europe do not know or understand him.' But now that the president has been among them.Europeans may think they got him right the first time."(2)

One more, "(W)e have a President who is obsessed by the subject. (It) is his Moby Dick. Like a political Ahab, he pursues it beyond reason, beyond humanity, beyond safety. In his frustration, he spews out rage and hate, fear and falsehood." (3)

Cal Thomas

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