Cal  Thomas

What's the difference? Berg had a heartbeat and brain waves. So does the baby targeted for extermination while emerging from the woman's womb (she can't be called a mother, because one must have a child to be a mother and such a child has been declared to be a non-person by the Supreme Court).

If Hamilton's ruling is allowed to stand, it will serve as one more judgment on us as a people, on what we believe, on what we are willing to permit and whether the value of human life exists, or is determined solely by how federal courts define it.

People who have seen pictures of Berg's beheading (and they are available on the Internet) testify to their disgust and horror. Perhaps if videotape or even still pictures of what occurs during a partial birth abortion were available (I have only seen drawings), the disgust over the pressurized vacuuming of a child's brain might be as strong. Would the cry then be loud enough to force even federal judges to take notice? It's possible, but not probable.

This is where our increasingly secular society has taken us. Once viewed by our Founders, most theologians, politicians and doctors as unique creatures whose rights are not granted by government, but endowed by "our Creator," we have become pieces of meat subject to the butchering whims of unelected judges and of women who have been herded like cattle to this slaughter, making them co-victims with the baby they have chosen to kill. And if we see ourselves as meat, then meat we shall become.

President Bush should make the judiciary a central focus of his re-election campaign.

Cal Thomas

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