Cal  Thomas

What does young Tiffany know? Apparently World War II has gone through the filter of political correctness, because Tiffany can tell you about Japanese-Americans who were sent to internment camps. "We talked a lot about those concentration camps," she was quoted as saying. Concentration camps? Those were used by the Nazis and Soviets. The Post interviewed national education experts, teachers and more than 100 public school students and concluded that Tiffany's limited knowledge of World War II is "typical of today's youths."

Is this what we're getting for record education spending: kids who know more about the few wrongs America has committed than they do the many rights? This girl and apparently many others like her in the monopolistic government schools aren't learning the truth inscribed on the granite at the entrance to the National World War II Memorial: "Here in the presence of Washington and Lincoln, one the eighteenth century father and the other the nineteenth century preserver of our nation, we honor those twentieth century Americans who took up the struggle during the Second World War and made the sacrifices to perpetuate the gift our forefathers entrusted to us: a nation conceived in liberty and justice."

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, who spoke at Saturday's event and who first proposed the memorial in Congress in 1987, called this "the most unselfish generation America has ever known." She is right.

Perhaps Tiffany Charles ought to pay a visit to the new memorial and see what has been left out of her history class. My Dad and his "band of brothers" have much to teach her.

Cal Thomas

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