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Kerry's biggest problem is that it's apparent not too many people are for him. He flunks the "likability test." The motivation of most of his supporters seems to be their hatred of President Bush, not love for Kerry. That is probably not enough to win an election, especially when one must attract swing voters who respond more to a positive message than a negative one.

Enter Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party would swoon if she stepped in and replaced Kerry. Bill would campaign with her, further energizing Democrats. The media would go into orbit, treating her as a presumptive queen, who is deserving of the nomination and the presidency because of all that Bill put her through. It would be one of the few media stories that could knock Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant from the headlines.

Even if Hillary lost to President Bush, she would run again unopposed, and grateful Democrats would hand her the nomination four years later.

The column in the Village Voice concluded: "If things proceed as they are the dim-bulb Dem leaders are going to be very sorry they screwed Howard Dean." Not if they redeem themselves in the eyes of the party faithful by selecting Hillary for president.

(NOTE: In Cal Thomas's column released on Monday, April 26, it should have said that Joseph Califano was nominated as secretary of health, education and welfare in the Jimmy Carter administration, not Lyndon Johnson's.)

Cal Thomas

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