Cal  Thomas

ALEC's second proposal for closing budget gaps is asset sales (for example, selling surplus government property). Not only is money saved when the asset is sold, savings continue annually because the asset's disposal means government no longer subsidizes the asset.

Education spending is out of control and is unrelated to academic achievement (or there would be a huge increase in National Merit Scholars because we're spending on education at record levels). School choice is the answer, not only to education improvement but to lowering costs.

User taxes are a better way of raising revenue than income taxes, which reduce incentive and stifle investment. Low tax rates and a wide tax base not only distribute the tax burden fairly, but also free-up more capital, which produces jobs and, thus, more tax revenue for government because more workers pay more taxes. Class warfare continues to pit "the rich" against everyone else. Though the rich are the most productive and have the most money to invest and spend (creating jobs and a stronger economy), they are excessively taxed. This reduces capital for the job market and puts money in government.

Virginia should consider emulating South Carolina, where Gov. Mark Sanford created a commission last fall that identified waste. The commission saved state taxpayers $225 million. Immediately, with further annual savings estimated at $300 million, according to CAGW. This year, Sanford's budget contains no tax increases.

Those Virginia Republicans who want to raise taxes instead of first cutting waste, selling assets and in other ways reforming their government should stop calling themselves Republicans and change their name. "Democrat" would better represent how they are thinking and behaving.

Cal Thomas

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