Cal  Thomas

The media are playing their familiar role. The Associated Press said the strike by the Israeli Defense Forces is "likely to escalate violence" and constituted "an enormous gamble by (Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon" that "risks triggering a dramatic escalation in bloodshed." Notice that Hamas attacks never risk an escalation in bloodshed, even though such attacks cause the shedding of blood. The AP offered an opinion in the place of reporting the news.

The media portrayed Yassin as nearly blind and in a wheelchair, not reporting that a sports accident at age 12 left him paralyzed and that his mind was clear enough to plan terrorist bombings while seated.

Numerous networks and newspapers call Yassin a "spiritual leader," though he frequently called for suicide terrorism as a religious obligation. What kind of credible religion exults in the death and dismemberment of children?

The biggest myth of all, often promoted by the media, is that Israel's strike makes the West a more likely target. Where have they been for the past decade? Have they forgotten Sept. 11, as well as other attacks on Western targets before and since?

The Bush administration properly noted that Israel has a right to defend itself, but White House spokesman Scott McClellan added the usual mumbo-jumbo about all parties needing to demonstrate "restraint." When have terrorists ever exercised restraint? All anti-terrorist parties should be going after these killers and liquidating them.

By taking out Yassin, Israel removed one of many heads from the terrorist hydra. Instead of recoiling in the face of criticism from the usual sources, Israel, the United States and those not suffering from spinelessness should take out as many of the rest of them as can be found and targeted.

Cal Thomas

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