Cal  Thomas

Why aren't people talking about the atheism or agnosticism of such luminaries at least as much as they are chattering about Gibson and his movie? Could it be that Gibson's belief offends their unbelief? Or, more profoundly, could it be about the most "controversial" figure in history - Jesus Himself?

While some critics want to focus on alleged anti-Semitism in the film, how about raising the subject of anti-Christian bigotry? The elites who have lambasted Gibson said nothing about Martin Scorsese's blasphemous and historically inaccurate film, "The Last Temptation of Christ." Now that Gibson has made a film mostly in line with what the Bible says, he is treated as an infidel and bigot by many of his peers. Those people who have condemned conservatives for criticizing films and TV programs they have not seen are now guilty of the same thing with Gibson's movie.

Go and see this film. It might change your life. It could change Hollywood if it is willing to receive the message that if you make good movies with good messages, those who now feel excluded and despised will pay money to see the films. The debate is about to end. As the angel said to the incredulous followers of Jesus at the empty tomb in Jerusalem: "Come and see.." It's showtime!

Cal Thomas

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