Cal  Thomas

The gay marriage debate appears to be over. Once homosexuals start "marrying" in Massachusetts (as thousands are doing in San Francisco in violation of state law), what man has joined together is not likely to be put asunder by those who claim to speak for God or tradition.

Culture mirrors our collective souls. Too many heterosexuals divorce. Others have too little time for their children - many of whom they deposit in "day care" while hurrying to jobs that consume 10-hour days. Increasing numbers spoil and indulge their children to assuage guilt from working too much. They place their kids in government schools in which they learn things that are untrue and behavior that is unhealthy. They are allowed to have TV in their rooms and Internet connections through which they explore the darker and seamier side of life. Teen magazines and peers further undermine what remains of modesty and self-control. The virtue of hard work, sacrifice and living within your means is replaced by the supposed value of big homes, high debt, nonstop work, expensive cars, fashionable clothes and ever-younger sexual activity.

The lessons learned by a previous generation that experienced a Great Depression and a world war have been replaced by self-indulgence and pleasure. Spouses are traded in when they fail to meet "expectations."

If culture is to change for the better (is that a relative word?), millions of individuals must embrace a different creed. Even if culture doesn't change, people who adopt that ancient moral code - which has worked for all who try it - will find their lives much improved, though the rest of the world goes to "hell in a hand basket."

Cal Thomas

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