Cal  Thomas

In addition to noting Kerry's flip-flops, the president should roll out an even more powerful political weapon. He should invite to visit America some Iraqi men, women and children who could publicly thank this country for its commitment and sacrifice on their behalf. They would tell their stories of life under Saddam and how things have improved since his ouster. These personal stories of murdered relatives, rape, torture and imprisonment would touch many hearts. Then the president could ask, "Do any of those who want my job wish to tell these people they would have been better off if America and our allies had chosen to stay home?"

Let Kerry and the other candidates say that more fatherless children would have been acceptable to them. Let the Democrats persuade the public that the continued rapes of women and girls should be of no concern to a decent nation that has sacrificed its own in the past so others might share the joy of freedom. How many Democrats want to be known for this kind of isolationism, insensitivity and indifference to suffering? Are we our brother's and sister's keeper, or not? Does freedom require a certain responsibility and accountability from those who enjoy it in behalf of those who don't?

When he announced the beginning of military operations against Iraq last March, the president said it "could be more difficult than some predict. And helping Iraqis achieve a united, stable and free country will require our sustained commitment."

Part of that commitment ought to be introducing liberated Iraqis to the American public. Call it, "Meet the Iraqis."

Americans are used to taking criticism from an unappreciative world. Hearing the stories of grateful Iraqis would not only give us a needed morale boost, it could improve the president's approval ratings.

Cal Thomas

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