Cal  Thomas

Because most women who regret having had abortions say they would have made a different choice if they had been given more information, state legislatures and Congress should be focusing on providing that information. From requirements that the pregnant woman see a sonogram picture of what she is about to abort, to information about alternatives, places to live and free baby clothes, furniture and counseling, laws should give women at least as much information as that required in the supermarket, the bank and the automobile showroom.

Politically, this is a win-win for everyone except those who want to keep women ignorant. No one is taking away "a woman's right to choose." The woman is simply receiving additional information so that her choice will be fully informed. To those who claim such legislation implies women are ignorant and can't be trusted, the reply should be, "Fine, let's remove labels from bottles, packages and cans; let's not require banks to provide women with information about loans; and let's take those stickers off the windows of new and used cars. Women are smart enough to figure out these things on their own."

The Heritage analysis also reveals that pro-life candidates made considerable and lasting gains in state legislatures during the 1990s. Informed consent laws are the ticket to even greater gains at the state and federal levels. Abortion cannot and will not continue as it has because it is anti-human. To celebrate the horrible 1973 judicial decision that has produced a baby holocaust is to divorce ourselves from what our eyes can see and our ears can hear if they are given a chance.

Opposing informed consent laws makes the "pro-choicers" censors, a position that will drain away political support. Proposing and supporting more information for women will be good for women and the harvest of new life that will result.

Cal Thomas

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