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The organization Judicial Watch obtained the same documents cited by Suskind in a lawsuit that sought records of meetings between Vice President Dick Cheney and energy industry executives. The document has nothing to do with accessing oil fields in a post-war Iraq, as Suskind claims, but is a study of global oil supplies. Credit to Laurie Mylroie, Ph.D, author of two books on Saddam Hussein and consultant to the Pentagon and Adjunct Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, for digging out this information and for e-mailing "60 Minutes" that Suskind's claim is incorrect. While the map is of "potential areas for exploration," says Mylroie, O'Neill and Suskind don't mention that the same set of documents, which contain the map of Iraq and the list of Iraqi oil projects, also have maps and similar lists of projects for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Do Suskind and O'Neill think President Bush was about to invade these nations, too?

What you see depends on where you stand. O'Neill's intention was to cause harm to an administration that gave him a unique opportunity. He squandered that opportunity by opposing his boss' policies. O'Neill's economic policies have been proved wrong and the claims about Iraq will be proved incorrect as well.

Cal Thomas

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