Cal  Thomas

The Washington Post's Michael Wilbon was right when he observed that Gibbs' 11-year absence from professional football has only enhanced his reputation. That's what leaving while you're on top can do. He is now, says Wilbon, almost a "god-like" figure. Fans should be careful not to expect too much, too soon, but maybe not. Perhaps the excitement felt by the nation's capital where loyal but disappointed fans have had to put up with terrorism (not to mention high prices for low performance), along with its normal diet of political insecurities, is primed for a Lord of the Rings-type "final act."

The moment could not be more dramatic. The choice of Gibbs could not be more exciting. One hopes that excitement will trickle down to the players, the ones who will remain and the ones to be added.

Call this moment: the return of the king!

Cal Thomas

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