Cal  Thomas

The hatred of all things Western, Jewish, Christian and modern is deep throughout much of the Middle East. Children are taught to hate before they learn to walk. The Arab and Palestinian media are packed with anger and vituperation against the United States and the West. The danger, though, is to think evil is incarnated in a single leader. Saddam Hussein is just one of many tyrants that are threats to the freedom and existence of all humankind. Just as other mass murderers rose to power after Hitler's demise, so, too, will new tyrants step forward to inherit Saddam's bloody mantle.

Politically, Saddam's capture creates a predicament for the Democratic presidential candidates. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Howard Dean "has gotten smaller" and is "the big loser." Dean has been sharply, even personally, critical of the president for his Iraq policy and the "failure" to find Saddam. Only Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) can claim a measure of support for the administration's Iraq policy, but it is doubtful he will receive a political boost.

The man who has the most to worry about now - aside from Saddam Hussein, who it is hoped will be executed after he is confronted by relatives of those he tortured, raped and murdered - is Osama bin Laden. The steps he hears may not be millions marching to his drumbeat, but the boots of American soldiers headed toward whatever hole he has dug for himself.

Cal Thomas

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