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In an interview for the Oct. 27 issue of Broadcasting and Cable Magazine (which named him "Journalist of the Year "), Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes explains that Fox has succeeded because the network listens to the people. He rightly points out the arrogance of many journalists who, he says, talk down to, rather than to, the audience. Ailes adds, "The concept that the journalists are totally objective is crazy. They have friends. They have an education. They've gone to some school where some professor spun their brain out. They've got a view of life. They've got history. They've got parents. They've got people they like and socialize with. They have a view based on their experience. And they bring all that to journalism."

Ailes says there are no pro-life women working in any New York newsroom. Can a story on abortion be covered fairly by people with a singular world view? It's possible, but given the history of reporting on this subject it doesn't happen often.

There is no secret to Fox' success. The other networks remain in denial because they can't cope with bias the size of a log in their own eyes, so they criticize the ideological speck in Fox' eye.

A CBS producer called me last week, asking if I would come on the network and contribute commentary. I told him that while I was grateful for the invitation, my contract with Fox News Channel was for the exclusive use of my services. Besides, he is seven years too late.

Cal Thomas

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