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The film script depicts Reagan cursing his staff during one Oval Office meeting. No staff member I know recalls him using such language in anger. While the script, as reported in the New York Times, does give Reagan credit for ending the Cold War and depicts him as an exceptionally good politician and moral man, it fails to credit him with igniting the biggest economic recovery since World War II. Nor is Reagan credited with converting the nation from the malaise days of Jimmy Carter to an optimistic outlook. Nancy Reagan (played by Judy Davis) is portrayed as a Joan Crawford "Mommy Dearest" shrew who slaps her daughter, Patti.

On page 16 of the script, as printed on the Drudge Report Web page, there is this exchange among Nancy Reagan, her stepfather and her mother, Edith:

"Stepfather: 'Nancy, I don't know what you see in Hollywood. As far as I can tell, it's nothing but Communists and drug addicts.'

"Nancy: 'It didn't used to be this bad - did it, Mother?'

"Edith: 'Hell, no. When I was here, it was just wall-to-wall Jews and queers.'"

People interested in the real Reagan should read "Reagan: A Life in Letters," edited by Kiron K. Skinner and Annelise and Martin Anderson (Free Press). There you'll find Ronald Reagan in his own words, not the way the left twists the words of one of our most successful and beloved presidents.

Cal Thomas

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