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Alabama's problem, notes the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), is that it operates on a very restrictive mandate system. More than 87 percent of Alabama taxes are earmarked for specific budget items. The national average is just 22 percent. Local governments should be given the freedom to consolidate services with other towns and counties. They should also be encouraged to outsource more work that could be done by private industry and not state (and federal) government. The Bush administration is seeking to do this but is fiercely opposed by the liberal labor unions that fill Democratic coffers with campaign money and polling places with votes in exchange for maintaining their political influence.

Texas is a good model for Alabama and other states. In Bowie County, Texas, the school transportation system is shared with a dozen other school districts. The Dallas County school district provides information technology services to 15 other districts. The overhead savings from these shared responsibilities can be large. The NTU recommends an Inspector General process, modeled after the IGs at the federal level, who audit for waste, fraud and abuse. Montgomery County, Maryland's, IG (one of the first of its kind in the nation) has been analyzing about 500 county and school district programs for the last five years. For every dollar budgeted to the IG, the office has challenged almost $10 in costs.

There are plenty of advocates for bigger and ever-expanding government. There should be more advocates for the taxpayers who make the money that government so often misspends.

The core of some popular weight-loss programs is a reduction in carbohydrates. Lower carbs allow the body to burn fat and weight loss follows. Government's "carbohydrate" is money. Reduce the amount and government will shrink. But the cravings of people for more services must also be controlled, just as a dieter must reduce his intake.

Call the Alabama vote a new "commandment": "Thou shalt not raise our taxes."

Cal Thomas

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