Cal  Thomas

The researchers must have missed the name of Hitler's political party, the National Socialists (emphasis mine). There is nothing "conservative" about his beliefs. Eliminating the unwanted is a liberal position, as in abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. That some of the world's greatest modern tyrants are linked to Reagan and Limbaugh tells us much about the political leanings of the authors.

What amazes about this "research" is the incredible bias against anything regarded as conservative. There is the presumption that no conservative idea is even worth considering and that to be conservative is to be psychologically disturbed. These guys seem to think conservatism is a dormant affliction, ready to break out into a plague at any moment.

This is a view held by most liberals, although they express it in different ways. Anyone who does not subscribe to the liberal catechism is, by definition, flawed and sick and something to be "studied," like Joseph Mengele "studied" Jews, Gypsies and twins for his own twisted and demented purposes.

I suppose conservatives can take some solace in the study's conclusion that while conservatives are less "integratively complex" than others, said one researcher, "it doesn't mean that they're simple-minded." No, but anyone who would study conservatism as if it were a social disease is simple-minded. Who's funding all this research?

The only advantage I see from this study is that it might result in the finding that conservatism is a disability. If that happens, maybe I'll be able to park in the handicapped spaces at the mall.

Cal Thomas

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