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Has the end of the world arrived because the Supreme Court ruled no state may prohibit private, consensual homosexual conduct? No, the end of the world is being handled by the Supreme Judge. But the end of the Constitution has arrived, and that is something about which everyone in this temporal world should be concerned.

Writing for the majority that struck down the Texas anti-sodomy law, Justice Anthony Kennedy takes us on a journey with no fixed origin, no map, but a certain destination. His constitutional rewriting will lead to same-sex "marriage" and a Constitution that means to liberal judges what the Bible means to liberal theologians - a document to be tailored to the whims of culture, not the reverse. This, from justices named by Ronald Reagan (Sandra Day O'Connor and Kennedy) and George H.W. Bush (David Souter).

Beginning with the manufactured "right to privacy" created out of nothing by the godlike court in Griswold vs. Connecticut, Kennedy leads us through Roe vs. Wade (which many correctly predicted would follow Griswold) to the present Lawrence vs. Texas. He asserts that religious beliefs, history, tradition and even the desires of the majority to set parameters for the moral climate in which they wish to live are irrelevant. "Our obligation is to define the liberty of all, not to mandate our own moral code," said Kennedy. That can lead to anarchy.

Kennedy dismisses thousands of years of law, history and theology, choosing to rely solely on modern times: "In all events we think that our laws and traditions in the past half century are of most relevance here." Kennedy deletes the wisdom of the ages, preferring to download the squishy morality of post-modernism.

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) predicted two months ago that if the court struck down anti-sodomy laws, challenges would soon follow to laws prohibiting bestiality, polygamy and all sorts of other sexual practices. We will now see him proved right (see Justice Antonin Scalia's remarks below). Prostitutes, call your lawyers.

Kennedy said anti-sodomy laws "do more than prohibit a particular sexual act. Their penalties and purposes, though, have more far-reaching consequences, touching upon the most private human conduct, sexual behavior, and in the most private of places, the home."

Cal Thomas

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