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While the United States is preoccupied with terrorism and the relatively few who have died from it (compared to the toll taken by starvation around the world where many live on $2 a day and one of three children is affected by malnutrition), a different kind of terrorism stalks the poor nations of Africa. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has raised our awareness with some profound and timely columns from poor African nations.

In a May 23 column, Kristof wrote, "In the best of circumstances, about 100,000 boys and girls . will die of malnutrition-related ailments this year in Ethiopia. If the drought continues and the West doesn't provide more assistance, the number of deaths will rise to several hundred thousand more."

There may not be much that can be done about the drought, but there is plenty that can be done about starvation if the Europeans will stop lying about biotech and their media will report the truth.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick wrote in the May 21 Wall Street Journal that European food policy in Africa is having a "dangerous effect." He said, "some famine-stricken African countries refused U.S. food because of fabricated fears - stoked by irresponsible rhetoric - about food safety."

President Bush should continue to shame the Europeans and force them and their media to confront the consequences of what they are doing in Africa. As Hall suggests, this is nothing less than genocide, and there are laws against such things and consequences for breaking them, aren't there?

Cal Thomas

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