Cal  Thomas

The tax cut would not produce a static loss in revenue because the stimulation to the economy that comes from more jobs and an injection of more capital through consumer spending would offset a portion of it.

There are two causes for deficits and only two: not enough revenue or too much spending. The U.S. government ought to be able to live within our means when it is getting a projected $27.9 trillion over the next decade. The problem is spending. Too many members of Congress act like Third World dictators with our money. Instead of buying gold-plated thrones and rifles recently discovered by American forces in Iraq, our spendthrifts take our money and convert it into pork projects they use to keep themselves in office.

The president should revive the Golden Fleece Award used successfully by former Sen. William Proxmire (D-Wis.) to shame some of his congressional colleagues. It would be one way to at least balance, if not refocus, attention on spending, not taxes or even revenue. Everywhere he goes Bush should cite examples of waste, fraud and abuse, asking voters to send representatives to Washington who will treat other people's money the way they treat their own.

Focusing on spending is the way to combat the predictable class-warfare sloganeering of Democrats (and some Republicans) who want to tell us how much of our money they will allow us to keep, when we should be telling them how much of our money we will let them spend.

Cal Thomas

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